• Clay Gibson

    (TDS Carbon 13mm Paddle)

    Born and Raised in the small area of Central Oregon.I started playing pickleball in year 2020 on some public courts in Edmond Oregon. My wife Catalina Gibson and I got beat bad by some senior players and from that day on, we were hooked. I have 32 DUPR wins at 4.5-5.0.Also my wife is a pickleball coordinator at lifetime, so their life is pickling all the time.

    Clay Gibson 
  • Edward Perez

    (TDS Carbon 16 - 16mm Paddle)

    Born in Orlando, Florida and Raised in Kissimmee, Florida. I started playing Pickleball in November 2020.I want to crack the Top 50 this year and put myself in a great spot to be in the MLP Draft for 2024. My results have been steadily improving each tournament and I have full confidence that I can achieve my goals!I am absolutely in love with the game of pickleball. It’s such a welcoming community and whatever I can do to grow the sport, I’m happy to do it. I teach pickleball full time through lessons, clinics, and now in the process of becoming a Tournament Director to push the game forward in Central Florida.

    Edward Perez 
  • Ivan Jakovljevic

    (TDS Carbon Genx - 13mm Paddle)

    Born in Orlando and Raised in Osijek, Croatia. I started playing pickleball in November 2021 and got a few wins in the main PPA Bracket. I played two times on center court, live on YouTube. My best results so far in singles arelast 3 round(best 16) against number 1 player in the world Ben John's. Beat number 43 player in the world. I also won MLP minor 20 in year 2022.This is just the start of it all !

    Ivan Jakovljevic